When Trying To Get Pregnant

Use Both Applicator and Tube. Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is available in a multi-use tube and in Pre-Filled applicators. We suggest using both the applicators and multi-use tube when trying for a baby. See how to use

Conceive Plus is designed for use during the days of ovulation and has a pH that is neutral to be compatible with sperm and natural fertile fluids. Conceive Plus contains Calcium and Magnesium ions that are essential for a preconceiving woman’s health.

We suggest only using Conceive Plus during the days you are trying to conceive and to use regular lubricant such as Sasmar Classic personal lubricant or Sasmar Original personal lubricant on all other days.

Outside Of Your Fertile Days

When you are not trying to get pregnant…  including when you have sex between your fertile days, there’s SASMAR personal lubricants. Formulated to be long lasting, silky and smooth on the skin, once you try our personal lubricant we think you’ll never want to use any other lube again. Now available in Australia from your pharmacy and online!

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